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Hey guys! I’m having a little bit of troubles viewing your items and uploading pics to the site on my phone, so please bare with me! I currently have limited access to a computer! ): I also still have more items to upload, which I couldn’t do from my work computer because the picture files were too big! I’m trying to do everything in a timely manner, sorry for the inconvenience! :)

I haven’t been on in awhile due to some huge life changes in the past year. I’m no longer living in Ohio – I’m now in Houston, Texas. Since I left at such short notice, a lot of the clothes I had on here before had to be left behind. I’ll try to update the clothes I have available now, over the next few days. :)

ABOUT ME: I’m Karina. My style changes pretty much weekly. That being said, don’t be offended if I re-swap one of your items. I’ll love something one week, and the next week not so much. Smoke-free home… but I do have a small dog. My clothes don’t smell like her, nor should her hair ever be on a swap item.

SHIPPING: Due to my work schedule, I’ll probably only be able to ship on Saturdays (or possibly Wednesdays if I go into work late). I usually use USPS first class (priority if it’s too heavy for first class) and will usually give a tracking number – especially to my first-time swappers. Unfortunately I won’t be able to ship outside the US unless you pay shipping costs, although I should be able to ship to Canada.

I also have an account on SwapStyle, and have done more swaps on there. If you would like to view my feedback, here’s the link to my profile:

If anyone, for any reason, has a problem with any of the swap items I send, please contact me before leaving negative karma and I will do what I can to make it a pleasant transaction. I’m not here to rip anyone off, and I would hate to have bad karma because of a misunderstanding. Please be sure to pay attention to the condition I say the item is in. If I say it is worn, or in decent condition, don’t be mad when I send it and it doesn’t look brand new.


I shipped 03/05/11.

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