An easy way to swap clothes, make friends, get answers, and help the environment.

Rehashing is a fashionable way for you to trade your clothing, accessories, and books with others online. You can join groups, socialize, and get fashion, book, and green living tips.

By Rehashing, you can shop for clothes without spending a penny, all while helping the environment. Need a college textbook for your next course? Why buy it when you can swap it out with someone who needs it in exchange for a book you need? Here are some of the things you can do...

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Impriewe_thumbnail Asked 4 days ago

Just removed the last few items I had here going on an extended break now, thanks!
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Shortblondepixie_thumbnail Asked 5 days ago

Is there anyone here that lives in Tennessee so I can trade in person?
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Vintagethreads_thumbnail Asked 7 days ago

NY members? I may be moving there soon (if I get the job, fingers crossed)!
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Tasha62_thumbnail Asked 7 days ago

Searching for misc. crafting supplies! Will be generous! View inside for more info...
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Shortblondepixie_thumbnail Asked 10 days ago

Anyone live near Sneedville/Thornhill/Treadway, Tennessee and want to swap in person?
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