An easy way to swap clothes, make friends, get answers, and help the environment.

Rehashing is a fashionable way for you to trade your clothing, accessories, and books with others online. You can join groups, socialize, and get fashion, book, and green living tips.

By Rehashing, you can shop for clothes without spending a penny, all while helping the environment. Need a college textbook for your next course? Why buy it when you can swap it out with someone who needs it in exchange for a book you need? Here are some of the things you can do...

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Mysmugcat_thumbnail Asked 1 day ago

Are you a shopaholic?!
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Mandy569_thumbnail Asked 3 days ago

Since Summer is quickly upon us would anyone be interested in taking part in a Summer themed secret swap?
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Chanelrox_thumbnail Asked 3 days ago

Does anyone know for sure if you can use a Victoria's Secret credit card at Bath & Body Works?
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58534 Asked 3 days ago

Oops funny fashion mistake!
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Mysmugcat_thumbnail Asked 5 days ago

How much chocolate have you eaten over Easter so far? :D
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