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I love orange, red and dark teal.
Running is a passion!
Makeup is fun!
Lets treat others the way we want to be treated.
I have a e-bay acount and myspace shop both wth 100% legit feedback.
!)A floral vest. F21 had one that was jean and have floral ruffles on it awhile back and I never got it and highly regret it.
@)White Jeans size 6.
#)Glitter Heels size 9.5.
$)Lush or Philosphy products.
&)Pastel dress, makeup, decor and whatnots.
*)Running Shoes.
^)Vintage clothing or inspired clothing from Urban Outfitters.
(sizeS/M in all)

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Impriewe_thumbnail over 3 years ago,
Isabella said:

Chelsea, Super great Girlfriend! Your items are the best! Thanks for everything!

Impriewe_thumbnail over 3 years ago,
Isabella said:

Chelsea, Mailed your package today! The D.C. is 0311 2550 0001 2973 1882. Probably Tuesday or Thursday. Wednesday is “The 4th Of July”, Happy 4th!

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