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Hello All,

I haven’t been on in a while but am
back now. :) I am trying to get ride of my stuff so if I’m watching something of yours and your watching a few of mine, feel free and trade for a few. : )

All my items come from a smoke free home, but I do have Yorkie. I will wash and iron everything before I ship.

My apologies some of my clothes in my pictures look awful, there very wrinkle and I don’t have good lighting in my room. I don’t try (unless noted or I miss it) to put anything on here that is of really poor quality. Most of my items are coming out of storage bags that I threw them in, that’s why they look so awful!

Unless it’s brand new with tags or not machine washable then I will wash and ironing everything before sending.

God Bless

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Livelaughlove_thumbnail over 4 years ago,
LiveLaughLove said:

Thanks, once I get yours I will ship.:)

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